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Lisser Theater: Mills College

March 16th and 17th, 8pm

Featuring works by Brynn Ogilvie, Bhumi B. Patel, Erik Lee and Yawen Zou

h0w R u? by Brynn Ogilvie

In the United States, the individualistic body and mind is celebrated and nurtured from a young age. Children are taught to rely on themselves and make decisions based on what they think is good for them alone. While that promotes a certain self-care and awareness in a child, the more they think of themselves in isolation, the less they realize how their decisions impact others around them. As children grow into adults, they forget the profound effect of face-to-face interaction on both their physical and emotional selves. Brynn Ogilvie aims to bring awareness to our desperate human need for in person communication and touch and to begin to restructure the way we perceive our notions of independence. Her piece will use modern/contemporary practices to explore physical connection on multiple levels whether that be in a solo, duet, or group context. Ogilvie collaborates with her dancers in multiple facets to bring out their own physicality and intentions to establish a personal connection to the piece. Through this piece, Ogilvie hopes to answer this question: Who said independence meant isolation?

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